Our expert team has experience in plant and factory relocations, heavy machinery for the mining, construction and earthmoving industries, boats and yachts, project cargo, cars and motorhomes to and from almost anywhere in the world.

We have shipped all manner of difficult and oversize cargo from 90 tonne rendering plant, to a new Ice Cream factory, and the disassembly, packing, and international relocation of manufacturing plants, to the movement for Fletcher Dillingham Ilbau of 1000 Tonnes of steel for the Manapouri second tail race.

These required us to be involved in the management of the disassembly, packing, barge operations and ship chartering, international relocation, customs and border clearance.

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Previous Projects

Haulmax Trucks

Haulmax Trucks

The shipping of 4 Haulmax 3900 mining trucks, each of which weigh 63 tonnes and 327cbm, from Lyttelton to Fremantle, Australia. Completed on time and within budget.

The Cure Kids Super Boat

The Cure Kids Super Boat

The Cure Kids Super Boat is the first ever, new Skater Super Boat brought into New Zealand. The boat is 10.36m long, 2.9m wide and 1.42m tall and carries two 525ci Mercury EFI hp engines, each delivering 410kw (1050 bhp), and a top speed of 120mph. Cure Kids is Building Solutions' charity of choice for 2007 and 2008.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible 1000+ Tons of sheet metal piling

This project for Fletcher Steel involved 48 truck and trailer units from Liverpool to Tilbury, a chartered vessel from Tilbury to Nelson, and then a barge chartered from Tasmania to sail from Nelson to Deep Cove in the World Heritage Park. No problem!!!
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Ugly Shipments

Freight Forwarder Relishes Challenge of 'Ugly Shipments'

This flat rack being loaded was on its way to Shanghai, China for one of our valued clients, York Refrigeration. Shanghai is one of many places they ship huge refrigeration units to, with other shipments going to, for example, Venezuela, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Brazil.

We love 'ugly' freight and relish any freight challenges put to us. Our professional, experienced team can organise international freight for goods of any size and shape to / from anywhere in the world. Challenge us to find a freight solution for your Company!
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Boom Crane

19.3m Boom Crane

Project Cargo brought this Boom Crane from Rotterdam into Auckland for Whangarei-based Culham Engineering. It weighed 90,000 kgs and was 19.3 metres long! The Boom Crane is one of the largest types of crane in the world and was originally built for the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

Massey Fergusson Combine Harvester

180m3 Massey Fergusson Combine Harvester

One of many Massey Fergusson Combine Harvesters, this unit was imported from Denmark for Power Farming Ltd. Totaling over 180 cubic metres, the Harvester was computer automated and was commissioned to carry out trials on specific farms and crops throughout the South Island.

Mobile Grove Crane

51 Tonne Mobile Grove Crane

This Mobile Grove Crane pictured came in at a staggering 51 tonnes and was 13.8 metres long! The Project Cargo brought the machine into Auckland from Brisbane.

Forestry De-Barker

Forestry De-Barker

This Forestry De-Barker was one of many regular shipments made by The Project Cargo from Eastern United States into Auckland, then to different locations around the country ... this unit ended up in Rotorua.

Two boats to Tampa, Florida

Over 849 Cubic Meters of freight: Two boats to Tampa, Florida

Project Cargo is experienced in freighting motor yachts internationally. For example, we shipped two beautiful boats onboard part chartered vessel, and just to make things more interesting, one boat (below) was ready to load from the wharf whilst the other was on its way to be loaded direct from the water! This took until well into the night, but we can operate 24/7... we do whatever it takes to freight your goods!

Over-length 40' flat racks from USA to NZ

Over-length 40' flat racks from USA to NZ

Project Cargo loaded the 40' flat racks shown below in United States with over-length agricultural irrigation equipment. It was delivered safely and on time.


Challenges & Project Cargo go hand in hand!

We can freight large units / machinery of all dimensions, from the average to the unusual, to locations worldwide ... Ecuador, South Africa, Indonesia and Tasmania, to name just a few. Projects have included large-scale factory and plant relocations for customers such as McCain Foods (NZ) Ltd, McDonalds, and PT Muting.